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ALMANDARAH ALARABIA provides tracking systems service (vehicles, assets, etc), where we install a device inside the vehicle, which enables you to locate it easily to be able to secure and control it remotely and it works on all types of vehicles and equipment, and helps you manage your fleet of vehicles and protect it from thefts.


Tracking systems advantages:

  • Full reassurance of the car, family, goods and money wherever you are.
  • Reassurance of the car without disturbing the driver by tracking.
  • Displaying the current location of the car.
  • Rides details and saving them.
  • knowledge of car speed.
  • Working hours and status.
  • Speeding Alerts – Stop / Play – Enter or Exit Security Fence and more other notifications.
  • Receiving notifications via E-mail or mobile application.
  • Online tracking of one vehicle or many vehicles.
  • Inclusive detailed reports.
  • The system provides more than one tracking device.
  • 24/7 Technical support.
  • Tracking vehicle can be done via computers or mobile application.
  • The devices provide cameras and sensors (temperature -humidity- weight.., etc).
  • The system provides variety of languages.


Devices have warranty for two years

There are offers for quantities

Contact us to get a price offer on (0501013113)